Federation Frontiers, Section 31

Federation Frontiers
Fall of the Federation

“We’d all thought we’d won… the end of the Dominion War, the war that we thought would end all wars so we could return to the times when we knew peace… well in a way it lasted… for a while… but over 100 billion were dead and countless worlds devastated, some within the federation and Starfleet felt we were too soft, others that it was a time when ambition could shape an empires future.. as we kept our guard up along the borders to ward of outside threats we didn’t see the biggest threat coming from the cradle of our civilization Earth… until it was to late….” Unknown Starfleet officer, 2418

Personal Journal Admiral Francis Kinkaid, 2424
In a way I guess we had it coming… the Klingons had more than there fair share of civil wars and the Romulans had just pulled out of one… That’s how the 25th century began…
The Borg tried and failed to take the Ferengi Alliance… we helped there….. The Cardassian’s had there civil war… and the good guys lost… and it continued to spread like a virus… the Bajorans left the Federation… but Starfleet managed to prevent them from joining the Cardassian Empire… all the while Starfleet did what we did best.. Explored… new races and civilizations were found along the outer rim… with technology that rivaled our own… but friendship making was cut short in 2412 when word reached all of us that Phil Cates had come to power… he had most of Starfleet command in his pocket as well as others in the government… all except President Sisko and the Admiral Priest were either turned or arrested… Cates renamed the Government the Consortium and put himself on the throne… close to ¾’s of the federation was under his iron rule… Sisko and Priest went to Bajor Prime (DS9) and started the long bloody task of rebuilding…

SpecOps Team Furry Wraith was on a mission to eliminate a threat to the Federation when the Federation Fell. The SpecOps team is part of Section 31. Section 21 was and is an officially nonexistent and uncondoned rogue agency within the Federation Starfleet that claimed to operate in the name of the security of the United Federation of Planets. Little information is available about the activities of the bureau. Those sympathetic to Section 31 assert that it was an elite intelligence and defense bureau dealing with threats to the Federation that official departments, such as the Federation Security Service or Starfleet Intelligence, either were simply not aware of, or were unable to properly confront. More hostile sources, however, claim that it was an organization dedicated merely to its own interests, regardless of whether or not said interests coincided with the interests of Federation security.

In the 22nd century, an ancestral organization within the United Earth Starfleet, also identified as “Section 31”, acted covertly in the interests of United Earth. Section 31’s actions were autonomous, and therefore not controlled by Starfleet Command or the Federation government. (DS9 episode: “Inquisition”, ENT episode: “Divergence”, ENT novel: The Good That Men Do) (Taken from http://memory-beta.wikia.com/wiki/Section_31 )

Our Section 31 is officially nonexistent and yet condoned agency with in Starfleet. Section 31 is the blackops group of the Federation. Section 31 is now basically the covert ops portion of the CIA. They report to the head of Starfleet Intelligence and the President of the Federation. While on a mission, they are above the laws of the Federation. If not on a mission, they cannot break the laws with out a justifiable reason, HIGHLY justifiable


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